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What’s Happening?: The Podcast Ep. 3

Welcome back to another episode of What's Happening?: The Podcast. In this episode, we discuss the differences for collegiate athletes when it...

What’s Happening?: The Podcast Ep. 1

https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/whats-happening-podcast-1 Welcome to the What's Happening Podcast! We are excited to spend the semester with you as we discuss all that...

Letting Go (Finale) | What’s The Deal Ep. 11

Eric Williams and Rakim Murphy discuss the topic of letting go in the final episode of “What’s The Deal?” When it comes...

Lakers & Anthony Davis | What’s The Deal? Ep. 1

Greenville University men's basketball players, Eric Williams and Rakim Murphy kick off the first episode of their new series, "What's The Deal?"...

All Things Sports Ep. 1 – Super Bowl Recap

All Things Sports is an all new podcast at Greenville University, tackling everything big in the sports world. In...

Faith & Running

https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/faithpodcast In this podcast Jonathan Bremer and I talked about how faith can have an important role...

The CreativesCast Ep. 8 – God and Technology

In this episode of the CreativesCast, the crew discusses the ideas of technology and religion, specifically in Christianity. We dive deep into some ethics...

LetsBeReal Episode 13: Relationships

In this episode of LetsBeReal, The Real Crew (Swade Edwards, Eric Williams, Coleton Gensler) talks about their preferred relationships and their advice on relationships.

The CreativesCast Ep. 7 THE LOST EPISODE – Getting Things Done

On this episode of The CreativesCast, we talk about our processes on how we get things done in our already chaotic lives. We also...

LetsBeReal Episode 12: GU

The Real Crew (Coleton Gensler, Swade Edwards, Eric Williams) talks about their personal preferences about Greenville University and what they would change!