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Surviving the Homestretch

t is finally here. The homestretch of spring semester. For seniors, it is a bittersweet time of ending their journey at Greenville College. Other students might be planning for their summer break or even thinking about the dreaded finals coming up. Personally, after spring break occurred...my schoolwork went full speed ahead. I was stressed out to the max, going to bed super late (or maybe early morning?) and feeling like I needed to contemplate on whether or not Digital Media was the correct major.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 13 – Oh...

In this episode, Jake and Austin dive into new Papyrus articles and the Homecoming events. Also, a women get hits by a deer and school gets canceled for an awesome reason.

Homer’s Odyssey: A Tale of Pajamas and Bowl-cuts

Written by Jeff Langley. Now, I don’t want to brag, but…nah, forget that—I’ll brag. Every year, grades 5-12, I was number one in my class. It’s...