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MLB Playoffs: The Best Part of October

With only one week left of the regular season, and the competitive scent of October hovering sweetly over playoff bound teams, the MLB is ready for what should be a thrilling race to the World Series. While most divisions are already clinched, the central division in each league is still up for grabs, and the wild card games have yet to be decided. So what has made this season so intriguing? What is going to make this a great October? Let’s take a look at each division and see what to expect this postseason.

The Barbershop:NFL Week 3

The first 3 weeks of the NFL have been really exciting and really shocking. We have already seen records broken, fantasy teams destroyed, and fans left with many questions. Here are my winners and losers of the first 3 weeks.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 4 – Snakes...

In this episode, Jake, Austin, and Peter discuss why men have stopped singing in church and the latest in sports from GC.

An “Ultimate” Weekend for Greenville College Students

Cameron Brock, player for the Indianapolis Alleycats ultimate disc team, visited the Greenville ultimate group this past weekend to help teach fundamentals and skills, as well as play a few pick-up games. Greenville College's very own Adam "BopBop" Crouch has forged a friendship with Brock, as he is an avid ultimate fan and recreational player. Crouch invited Brock to come to Greenville last year, and Brock recently found some free time to come this past weekend. Brock is not just any ordinary professional ultimate player; he holds the record for most goals scored in a game, a season, and a career.

Faith in Sports: Cody Lopez

The world of sports is a riveting place that has captivated the eyes of audiences everywhere since the beginning of human existence. From the day a boy is born, daddy clothes him in a football jersey and subjects him to any sport contest he can find on T.V. As the boy grows up, he picks up several societal messages that tell him sport is life. Unfortunately the people we idolize playing sports on screen don’t always have the best morals. We worship prima donnas, quickly forgiving their antics off the field because they are such gifted athletes. I won’t buy it. I believe that all our worship should go to God and God alone. No, sports are not the devil, like Bobby Bucher’s mother would suggest, and we should not deter kids from playing a game they love.

The Barbershop: NFL Week One

Winners and Losers of NFL Opening Week Losers The AFC North The Steelers are projected by many to be a Super Bowl contender, but this week they showed that they can’t run the ball, pass the ball, or hold the ball. The defending champion Ravens haven’t found an identity on defense, and seems to lack leadership, as they gave up 510 yards to the Broncos’ offense. Will the loss of future hall of fame Linebacker Ray Lewis be the downfall of this once impenetrable defense?

Greenville Volleyball Takes Home Opener

Written By Austin Anderson & Media by Joe Hubbs. On Tuesday, September 3rd, the Greenville volleyball team had their home opener against Benedictine-Springfield. Greenville started the season off at the Grinnell Labor Day Classic, but unfortunately the lady Panthers lost three out of four games at the tournament. However, on

Group Performance Tromps Individual Ability: A New Look Into the Flawed...

Written by Erica Siddle; Media by Kelsey Kuethe The NFL Combine is the unofficial job interview for perspective college athletes hoping to make it in...

Barber and co. left asking questions

Written by Mike Ward. Media by Mike Ward. Despite not having the leading scorer in the conference Saturday afternoon, Spalding's Mens Basketball team left head...

Top Ten Peculiarities to Watch in Superbowl XLVII

Written by Mike Ward, John Brittingham, and TJ Meredith.  Media by Mike Ward and Jeff Schaeffer. Mike: With a few days before the vaunted BaughBowl, BroBowl,...