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Dear GU: An Open Letter from Students

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in the Papyrus, and this article in particular, are those of the authors and...

Justin Willis: Student, Coach, or Both?

To be able to go from competing from the high school level to the collegiate level is amazing. However, going from a...

Colorado to Illinois: Was the Move Worth it?

Moving fourteen hours away from home is a leap of faith, to say the least. Skylur Cullinane moved last winter from Colorado...

Unbeatable Student Deals: Clothing Store Edition

It’s pretty much become a fact of life that being a college student is anything but cheap.  At this point in the...

Johnny Milabu: Making His Mark at GU

With a student population of just over a thousand, Greenville University is a very small school, especially when compared to the number...

5 Things to Help You Become a Better Student

Written and Media by Taylor Harpster. Being a student, and an excellent one at that, can be very difficult at times, yet even more rewarding....

Standardized Testing and the Rough and Tumble of the GRE

Written by Kahre Hiles. Media by Jon Friedman. This past Monday I took a very important test, a test that has the potential to determine...

Life is Short: Deja Sawyer

Writing and Media by Lauren Buser Life is short.  These words ring in the ears of college students all too often.  For most, it is...

Does GPA Matter?

Written by Leanna Westerhof. Media by Kayla Morton. Many students wonder, will GPA matter after graduation? Do employers really look at GPA? Unfortunately, there is...

What to Expect While Student Teaching: “Elementary” Style

Student Teaching; a period of guided teaching when the teacher candidate takes increasing responsibility for leading the school experiences of a group of learners over a period of consecutive weeks.