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The Arts’ Victory and Sport’s Loss

Source: Shakespeare vs. Mozart: A Library Debate Why is it that those who can play a piece by...

Para-Norman Activity at The Factory Theatre

We’ve probably at least been told one ghost story that we remember. Maybe we even have our own fiction ghost story to...

Singin’ in the Theatre: A Preview of Company

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Ashley Chaney. The Factory Theatre has hosted many good productions in the past. From Romeo and Juliet to The...

Taylor Meyers In LA LA LAND

Written and Media by Mitch Thompson. On April 13, I had the opportunity to have Taylor Meyers sit down with me and talk about her amazing semester...

Podcast: “Beauty and the Beast”

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Bre Pollitt. This week, Greenville Papyrus representative, Bre Pollitt, sat down with Logan Murphy to discuss the new live-action, “Beauty...

Next to Normal

Written by Emma Canady. Media by Logan Nelson. There are very few things in this world that I love more than live theater. The lights,...

Get Out Of Town: Skyview Drive-In Theater

Many of us enjoy watching movies, but even more of us don’t want to pay the high cost of going to the movie theater. In Greenville, the only way to see current movies is the Globe, and while it is a good movie theater, and the prices aren’t too high, sometimes people want a bigger variety of movies, and don’t necessarily want to sit inside a movie theater for two and a half hours. Here enters the opportunity to get out of town and head over to the Skyview Drive-In movie theater in Belleville, IL.

The Normal Heart

"I'll agree to the fact that I have any number of awful character traits. But not to the fact that whatever they did to us as kids automatically made me sick and gay while you stayed straight and healthy." Welcome to The Normal Heart. When I left my faculty position at Greenville College last year to pursue an MFA in stage management from the University of Illinois, I already knew 3 things: 1. I was ridiculously blessed by this opportunity, 2. my faith was one of the few things unwelcome in the theatre world, and 3. I would be working on The Normal Heart. What I didn't expect was that I would have my faith both challenged and strengthened while working on The Normal Heart, nor that I would walk away completely captivated by the story and truth of the show. In the midst of the 80s AIDS crisis, a love story between 2 gay men, and playwright Larry Kramer's angry railings against everyone imaginable - the straight world, the gay world, Christians, non-Christians, the rich, the government, etc. - lives The Normal Heart. And it is tragic. And beautiful.

NOT CC@GC Episode 2 – North Koreans

Hosted by Adam Crouch and Jake Cannon. In this episode of the GC podcast, Jake and Adam start a contest that ends next Monday. The...

Waking Up “The Spitfire Grill”

The Factory Theatre's musical production of The Spitfire Grill toasts the spirit of American hospitality, even though the owner/manager of the Grill, saucily played by Joy Gorrell, seems at first only grudgingly hospitable. If you need a break and want to cozy up in someone else's place, The Spitfire Grill may be for you. The initial pace feels as slow as diner ketchup, which serves to illustrate the cheerless pothole of a town that is Gilead. The pace and mood pick up with Lindsay Ufert's sweet lilting song about the disasters she's causing at her new job as Grill cook. Still, the slow pace also showed the sluggishness of the dying town in winter, until spring comes and Percy comes up with the mustard seed idea for the Grill that gets the townsfolk to grow out of the thinking that has held them stagnant all this time.