Paths that Cross

gc girls
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Written By: Veronica Crisler

As I walk across campus from Dietzman to Marston, I find myself scanning the crowd for familiar faces. I wave hi to a few friends walking to lunch together and smile at the people I make eye contact with. And that’s when it hits me.

Everyone I pass has a different story, something in their life that is unique to them, separate from anyone else on campus–in the world! Sure, we all live on the same campus; some of us hold the beliefs and morals as others around us. Many of us even have similar hopes and dreams as our fellow students, but not one of us is exactly alike.

gc girls
Media by GCSA /

In the time that it takes me to go from one class to the next, approximately five minutes, I find my path converging with others. Briefly, I am allowed to walk alongside those in my community. There are those who teach, those who have graduated, and those who have transferred. There are many who have returned and many who are new to our community. We all walk together and yet separately during our time here.

My mind wanders when I think of how similar, yet different, we all are. It’s a blessing to be able to walk with everyone who is here. It’s exciting to meet new people whose paths have intersected with mine. We all come from so many different walks of life and yet we are still able to live together as a community here.

To all of our students, both new and returning, I just want to say welcome. The Greenville College community is honored to have you here. Our paths will only converge for a limited amount of time, but we hope that for the time that it does, you are blessed by what you discover, experience and learn here.

Welcome students!


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