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Written by: Haley Fahrner and Hoss Dossett.

Here we are. It’s the beginning of the school year, just a few weeks in, and most of us are settled into our routines. The Commercial Music Major over there is coming to grips with her nocturnal schedule; the History Ed. Major, on the other hand, is almost enjoying the inevitable sunrise each morning; and every one of us would kill to avoid reading another syllabus ever again.

Yet, here we go. There is still one more URL to bookmark, one more group to follow, one more opportunity to dive into, and if you’re still on board, then you know what it is. The student newspaper, the Papyrus, has finalized the move from its original paper form to the more expansive medium of the Internet and, as Co-Editors-in-Chief, we, Haley Fahrner and Hoss Dossett, welcome you to become a part of the conversation. Indeed, that is what the Papyrus is designed to be, now more than ever; even as we open up articles to a larger audience, sharing student news and student views with the world wide web, we invite anybody to write for the paper. In order to become a writer for the Papyrus, all you have to do is contact either Haley or Hoss at our school email addresses.

co-editors-in-cheifTaken By: Holly Green/ Posted By: Holly Green

Beyond offering opportunities for writing, the Papyrus hopes to facilitate discussion on campus — conversation concerning world news, entertainment, campus events and more. By regularly updating the articles online (at we aim to inform and engage students with the current news that affects our community. Furthermore, by inviting students to participate in sharing their views, we hope to inspire greater conversation across campus.

So, what’s next? Read the Papyrus online. Write for the Papyrus. Talk about the issues and news presented. We’re excited to become a part of your routine.