Adam Bros. Show

Article by Meagan Gunn

Greenville’s 8th Annual Autumn Artwalk brought hundreds of people to the town square last Friday evening for art and craft displays, great food, and of course, live music. While people were enjoying the vendors and music on the square, another concert was held at Adam Brothers Music & Coffeehouse just a few steps away. Michael Trieb and Betty and the Bandits packed the place—quite literally. At least six people were sitting in each booth, and there was only enough floor space to walk from the door to the counter. The busy and excited hum of many voices served as background noise during the evening.

Photo by Hannah Olson

Adam Brothers always has a comfortable atmosphere. Although everyone was squeezing in, it was a fun evening. The baristas were kept quite busy as customers came in from the Artwalk and concert-goers ordered their favorite drinks. It is certainly a sign of fall when the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air.

Photo by Hannah Olson
Trieb started out the night and performed several original songs from his Gypsy Wind EP—including “Stones and Sticks” and “A Time to Kill,” as well as some covers. Many people were singing along to his songs. When he brought out his ukulele, it was immediately a crowd favorite. Later in the evening, he let Bethany (“Betty”) play his ukulele since hers wasn’t able to be amplified. Trieb and the members of Betty and the Bandits are good friends, and they definitely enjoyed performing together.
Betty and the Bandits—formerly known as Betty, before they were nearly sued by another group with the same name—hails from nearby Effingham, IL. They were missing one bandit—the guitar player was on a family vacation; but that didn’t stop them from playing an excellent show. They frequent this area, including a performance on Agapefest’s second stage last spring and at the Back to School Bash in August.
 Trieb and Betty and the Bandits are quickly becoming favorites among Greenville College students. Trieb fans sang along and even added their own percussion to the songs. When Bethany stopped singing for a few bars, the audience knew the lyrics and kept singing. After their last song, Bethany played a new song she wrote, at the specific request of a few of those attending. Although the coffee house was loud and lively throughout the night, when she played this song, people stopped to listen.
Michael Trieb, Betty and the Bandits, and The Bowtie Trio also played the next night at Joe Sippers Café in Effingham, and will be back at Adam Bros on Saturday, October 20. Be looking for information about their upcoming shows. To hear some of the great music from Michael Trieb and Betty and the Bandits, visit their Facebook pages or buy their music from iTunes!
Photo by Hannah Olson


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