Flags Are Good, Birthdays Are Better

Picture of birthday card
Birthday card | Photo by Jenny Cayo

Written by Jamie Harling

I bet you are as frustrated as I am with generic birthday cards at the store stealing the money you should be spending on a Starbucks’ Pumpkin Chai Latte. Please don’t fret! I am here to provide you an option for us poor college students who aim to impress on a dime. I give you: Flags Are Good, Birthdays Are Better.

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Picture of birthday card
Birthday card | Photo by Jenny Cayo



Card stock/ construction paper/ scrap-booking paper
Burlap strings/ yarn





  1. Choose your base color for your card. Fold it either hotdog or hamburger style.
  2. Choose another color for the design to go on the front. Cut that color into a balloon shape.
  3. Next cut out a cross that will be folded into a 3-D cube. This will be a pedastal for the balloon to sit on.
  4. Glue the balloon to the cube, then glue the cube to the card wherever you would like.
  5. Cut a piece of the burlap or string. Glue that string to the front of the card coming down from the balloon.
Inside of card | Photo by Jenny Cayo


  1. Begin by choosing a variety of colors or simply one color for some triangle flags.
  2. Cut out 13 triangles small enough so all of them will fit inside the card. Then write out happy birthday on the triangles so each one has one letter on it.
  3. Use an x-acto knife or small pen to put two holes in the top right and left of each flag.
  4. Measure your thread/ burlap strings for the “happy” section and the “birthday” section.
  5. Using the pen or x-acto knife, thread the string through all the flags.
  6. Simply glue the ends of the string (in a loop) to the inside so that both banners hang freely, but not below the edge of the card.
Inside of card
Inside of card | Photo by Jenny Cayo



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