Upper Union Debates

Written by Hoss Dossett.

Last night, all across America, televisions were tuned in to the highly anticipated debate between Vice President Joe Biden and his opponent, running for the Republicans, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and, with eyes and ears wide open, the audience was in for a treat. Each nominee thrust and parried, dodging accusations like the best of them and formulating their own just as deftly. NPR Senior Washington Editor Ron Irving said afterwards that each candidate was “strong in the way that they wanted to be strong,” and reports across the country echo this same sentiment.

So, the victor remains to be crowned – that is, if you believe folks like Ron Irving even have an inkling of an idea about this election. For those of us who know better (and for anyone else who would like to learn) the Papyrus staff has scoured the Internet and put together a kaleidoscope of insights and opinions on the matter.

What follows is said kaleidoscope.

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