World in Briefs (10.15.12)

Written By: Kevin Dunne

United Kingdom
Photo from the Huffington Post

If you think that getting a job after college is going to be tough, you’re 100% correct, especially if you’re a music major. Facing the sad music of reality can be a bitter experience, but for recent graduate, Jamie Fox, this is not the case. Fox landed what some call a dream job and what others call a fowl job -working as a human scarecrow. Equipped with his trusty ukulele, accordion and cowbell, Fox spends his days scaring away crows and other pesky birds from a farmer’s fields. Fox said that, “A couple of my friends in busier, more generously-paid jobs, are slightly envious.” It is unclear whether or not Fox understands the concept of sarcasm, but investigations have been launched to find out. Fox’s triumph has generated a wealth of optimism for the otherwise doomed music majors at Greenville College.

United States

If you’re looking for high-quality television programming, look no further than the Syfy Channel’s Paranormal Witness. The groundbreaking show investigates ghostly hauntings and other Scooby Doo-esque mysteries, but recently broke away from the spectral scene. Keith Williams claims that he discovered something a little more tangible than ghosts; he has found an American werewolf in London…Ohio. That’s right, after seeing a pair of glowing eyes outside his windows and following tracks, Williams was convinced that a werewolf was prowling around the woods in London.  Apparently that’s all it took to get the Syfy Channel to send a crew out to “investigate” Williams’ discovery. Even if you don’t think that television shows about ghosts and monsters are completely ridiculous (and they are), just remember that there are a plethora of shows about real life monsters, like Dance Moms and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, on the air.



As it turns out, American politicians aren’t the most corrupt in the world, like some are led to believe. Carme Cristina Lima is proof of that. According to the Huffington Post, Lima was, “campaigning for councilor in Itacoatiara in northern Brazil,” where she “allegedly handed out cocaine in exchange for votes on Sunday, which was election day.” How somebody can ‘allegedly’ hand out cocaine is a bit of a mystery, but tiny baggies full of cocaine attached to her campaign leaflets were seized by police from a car being driven by Lima and a John Doe. Lima faces up to 8 years, or two terms, in jail for corruption and drug charges.