Junior Class Bonfire

Written by Alyssa Gosselin.

Nothing screams “life is good” more than s’mores, hot cocoa, acoustic guitars, winter hats and friends all set around a bonfire on a star-filled, autumn night. This past Saturday at the White Environmental Center, the Alumni Association sponsored a bonfire for the Junior class. With guest speaker Dr. Norm Hall and an acoustic worship set, the night was filled with conversation, worship, and food for thought. Dr. Hall shared about his Greenville experience and how Greenville has “embedded” itself into his DNA. Along with a few of his college memories, Dr. Hall left the Juniors with a few thoughts to reflect on:

    • Being a good follower may be more important than being a good leader.
    • No matter where you are, there you will be.
    • Buy less, travel more, and have enough money to give some away when you want to.
    • Do not marry out of a sense of fear that you will not find someone else.
    • Find Solitude every day.
    • Stay in the Word.
    • We are our brother’s keeper.
    • Good questions are far more valuable than well-crafted statements.
    • People are nuts, and I am people.


Along with leaving the Juniors with thoughts to reflect upon, Dr. Hall also challenged the Junior class to stay connected to Greenville even when they graduate and continue life elsewhere. “Though from here our paths may sever, and we distant roam, still abides the memory ever, of our college home” is more than just a statement of symbolism, according to Dr. Hall. Feeling like the current “owners” of Greenville College, Dr. Hall encourages the Juniors to always remember and hold fast to the idea that Greenville college is a home away from home, and will continue to be even after they have graduated. “It (Greenville College) is who you know,” and that should forever be valued.

The night closed with an acoustic worship set, more s’mores, cocoa, conversation, and laughter. The Alumni Association hopes to continue this event for the future Junior classes to come, hoping to maybe even make it into an annual tradition. For now though, the Junior class of 2012-2013 will continue to think about the “importance of staying connected” even after they graduate.

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