One Act Plays

The Factory Theatre will be putting on a set of one act comedies Friday and Saturday December 7 and 8. These student-directed shows will be sure to have you laughing, so come out and watch. The price of a seat is just $2 at the door. The plays will be Take Five by Westley M. Pederson, A Marriage Proposal by Anton Checkhov, and The Diary of Adam and Eve by Marc Bucci.

As Take Five opens the evening of one-acts, the audience may be surprised that the actors appear to be uninformed that there is a show going on, or are they really actors? Take Five features a set of four actors trying to put on a show portraying a businessman named Alex, his wife Sharon, her sister Gladys, and Gladys’ boyfriend Bernard. However, everything that could go wrong, does go wrong as the actors are greeted by an unfinished set, a stranger on the stage, and a pitiful tech crew. To top it off, one of the stage hands must be convinced to play Bernard because the actor has gone missing. As the three remaining actors attempt to tell the story, the chaos of the distractions around them erupts into a scene of hilarity.

A Marriage Proposal takes place in a Russian nobles house. A young hypochondriac attempts to propose to his neighbors daughter, yet soon learns that this marriage will be rocky at best. The ridiculous antics of the young man and his future wife and father in-law will have you laughing so hard that you cry.

The Diary of Adam and Eve is based on Mark Twain’s book by the same name. It is the account of what really happened at the beginning of humanity, told by the first two humans themselves. Follow them through the confusing process of discovering the world around them, and each other.

Poster by the Factory Theatre

The students of the Directing class are excited to show off what they learned. This is their final project, and they have been in charge of all areas of production. It has been a growing experience and they want to share the result of their work with you.


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