Harlem Shake, Greenville Style

The Greenville College Baseball Team. Photo: http://www.greenville.edu/athletics/mens/baseball/index.dot

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Media by Kat Kelley.

A recent YouTube video of the Greenville College baseball team doing the Harlem Shake has started making its way around the virtual world.

For those of you disconnected from the world, the Harlem Shake has turned into a viral YouTube sensation with thousands of people imitating it, including our Panther Baseball team. As of now, the video from the baseball team has over 3,000 views and seems to be popping up all over campus. Head Baseball Coach Lynn Carlson came up with the idea after hearing the team talking about it over practice. He explained “We have been working really hard during the preseason with practices twice a day for 4 weeks and 6 a.m. workouts every morning.  It’s been a pretty grueling time, so this was just what we needed to unwind and have some fun.”

The Greenville College Baseball Team.
Photo from the Greenville College Athletics Department

In the video, Campbell Albert stands alone dancing while the team stretches; all of a sudden everyone is dressed up in costumes dancing crazy. Surprisingly, it only took one take to get the video, which added up to 30 minutes after the costume change and planning. Jenny Cayo recorded the footage and edited the final product. “She put it together perfectly,” Carlson says, “better than we could have ever imagined.”


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