Joy Boy Auction

Written by Ellie K. Media by Kat Kelley.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the ladies and gentlemen of Greenville College flocked to LaDue Auditorium to the melodies of cheesy romantic songs on Feb. 13 for the 2013 Joy Boy Charity Date Auction.

The start of the bids.
Photo: Kat Kelley

The auction, featuring 26 brave souls and 21 different dates, served as a fundraiser for the various spring break and summer missions trips supported by Greenville College.  Just like a real auction, members of the audience were encouraged to bet on dates, ranging from the classic dinner and movie to the more nostalgic Disney VHS date, created by the participants.  The bidding, beginning at $5 for each date, quickly escalated in true auction fashion.  In addition to the 18 standard dates available, three featured dates provided extra incentive for the crowd to bid.

The auctioneer, Jason Stephens, calls for bid on one of the dates.
Photo: Kat Kelley

As the evening wore on, the auction quickly surpassed its fundraising goal, reaching an end total of over $500.  This achievement comes as no surprise, however, as the highest date alone collected $82.  Lauren Joseph, the lucky lady who finally won the fierce bidding war, will be enjoying “the best burger in St. Louis” and a trip to The Pageant for a Passion Pit concert with Nathan Hood next week.  Other popular dates included a ping pong lesson, a trip to the bowling alley, a thrift store adventure, and tickets to a St. Louis Blues hockey game.

The boys and their dates.
Photo: Kat Kelley

The fellows of Joy Hall were eager to be involved, with many expressing their desire to help raise funds for such a good cause.  Sophomore Chace McNinch, a second year participant, was particularly excited about the impressive turnout this year.  “Some funny stories reached the campus [last year], and more people are coming now that they know what it’s about,” he said.

Some gentlemen are even already scheming up new plans for future date auctions.  As freshman Jake Cannon said, “Since Springfield only sold for $10, I’m thinking Chicago for next year.”



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