Love Doctors in Disguise

Written by Kristi Reindl

The campus is buzzing about the new mystery of GC Mingle on Twitter.  For the past several weeks, anonymous “love doctors” have been playing matchmaker among fellow students leaving everyone asking the same question: who is behind GC Mingle?  Fortunately, one conspirator was tracked down and agreed to an interview, so long as they remain anonymous to the public.

Kristi Reindl: What inspired GC Mingle?                                                                                                                                 Love Doctor B: It was getting toward the end of interterm and we were kind of bored so we decided to create a Twitter.  What better way to build community than by putting everyone together?  It’s been fun having this little secret.

Love Doctor AHow many people are involved?   There are three of us (all female): Love Doctor A, Love Doctor B, and Love Doctor S.  The letters represent the first letter of our names.

You obviously know the majority of students on campus, which makes it more difficult to keep a secret.  How have you been able to remain anonymous?  The key has been just playing along with everyone else.  There have been multiple people that have asked, “Have you heard what’s happening?” but all three of us act like we don’t know anything either.  We’ve had multiple conversations with people that have been dead set on this being a specific person, but no one has come close to guessing right.  I think people are trying too hard.  We’re really interacting with them every single day and talking about GC Mingle openly.

Do you have any specific targets in mind? No, not specifically.  We basically have a list of everyone who follows us on Twitter and we play off of that.

Love Doctor B

What factors into matching a couple?  We know a lot of them, but we also use their Twitter, Facebook, and Panthernet profiles to find out their likes/dislikes and decide from there who would make a good match.

Have you matched a successful couple yet?  Well, we’ve seen three couples having coffee in Jo’s that we suggested getting together.

What would happen if they did want to meet with you in person for relationship advice? All three of us love doctors would have to come together and decide what would be best.  Maybe marriage counseling, if they decide to go that far.

Are you planning to reveal yourselves any time soon?  We haven’t decided yet if we are going to reveal who we are.  We’re not sure if we want to have a revealing party, or just continue keeping this secret.  For now, we’re just playing along.


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