Madison Letter Nominated for Woodie Award

Written by Amber Christofferson and DM by Briana Phillips

The Madison Letter met at Greenville College. The Madison Letter includes Clayton Jones with lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Phil Ortiz on electric guitar and background vocals, Tyler Ross on drums, and Mitch Schrock on bass and background vocals. They are currently competing in the first College Artist Woodie competition. This competition is run through mtvU and features students from all over. The Madison Letter is competing for the Chevrolet Sonic College Artist award.  This award shows the best musicians in America coming from colleges. The winner gets to travel to Austin, Texas and do an opening set at the Woodies Festival. You can vote for The Madison Letter as many times as you want and voting ends March 17 at 8/7c.

Click here to Vote.

Watch The Madison Letter perform at the Pea Body Opera House below.


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