AgapeFest T-Shirt Contest

Written by Kevin Dunne Media by Kat Kelley.

Do you like to wear clothes? Do you like to listen to music? Do you like to listen to music while fully clothed? If you said yes to at least one of these, then you’ll love the newest opportunity presented by the AgapeFest staff.

If you have yet to check your email, or simply overlooked the message in the sea of Today at GC and FREE FRISBEE emails, then you

The Agape Fest 2012 design contest winner

may be unaware of the big news. A contest, which is open to all GC students, to design the shirts sold at the festival has begun. AgapeFest takes place May 3rd and 4th and the contest is open until March 20th, however no late entries are being accepted. Anybody can submit a design, so long as the guidelines are adhered to. For more specific information, visit the website, but the general requirements for the designs are as follows:

– Use Agape colors and the AgapeFest logo.

– Do not include a date on them.

– No plagiarism of something that has already been created.

– Vector file with fonts converted to outlines.

– The design must be 11 x 8.5.

If you have an idea or design that captures the spirit/soul/essence/character/quintessence of AgapeFest, submit it to and the marketing team will vote on the best one. Winners will receive a free shirt and will get to go to bed with the comfort that Owl City and Audio Adrenaline will be sporting their design this year. For more information on the festival, either visit the aforementioned website or check out the festival’s Youtube channel.

 The winner of the 2012 t-shirt design contest was Taylor Likes, who didn’t even expect to win. He said, “I had submitted my shirt design very last minute and was not expecting to win, but a couple of weeks later, I got the email saying that I won. It was a pretty cool feeling. Then, at the festival, it was awesome seeing people walking around wearing the shirt that I designed. It’s a cool feeling knowing that hundreds of people are wearing something that you designed.”
Mikey Trieb’s t-shirt design

Another noteworthy GC student to have submitted designs in the past is Mikey Trieb, whose designs have a cult following of their own. While none of Trieb’s Native-American themed shirts have yet to win, he diligently submits a new design every year. All are encouraged to take after students like Trieb and Likes, and try their hand at designing a shirt, even if DM or graphic design aren’t the strong suit.



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