GC Speaks: What are your Spring Break plans?

Written by Erica Siddle; Media by Kelsey Kuethe

What are your Spring Break plans?


“Headed down to Bonita Springs, Florida. WAHOOOO!!”

 – Joelle Scholten, sophomore


“Going home and spending time with family.”

 – Taylor Brunner, junior


“Going to Chicago to visit friends and afterward heading down to Panama with my friend Duck for a few days.”

 – Tom Shoaf, senior


“Practicing for hammer throw, lifting weights at the Annex, and chillin’ in the ‘ville.”

 – Jehosuah Kuusisto, junior


“I’m going to O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A….where the winds go sweeping down the plains.”

– Carisa Wilson, junior


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