Spring Choir Tour 2013

Singing in the choir loft at the St. Louis Basilica

Written by Meagan Gunn. Media by Kathryn Kelley.

From the choir loft

On Friday, March 8, the Greenville College Choir loaded the bus behind Whitlock Music Center and began our spring break tour. We traveled through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas before stopping to sing in the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica on our way back to Greenville. Nearly every night, we stayed in the homes of church members. One of the best parts of choir tour is meeting the wonderful people who open up their homes to us every night. Debates are still raging as to who had the best (or worst) host home stay—some choir members brag about trampolines or hot tubs, and others fight over who had the most adorable dogs.

We performed concerts every day except for one, in which we had the option to spend time  either at Six Flags over Texas or the Dallas Arts District. We also had the opportunity to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum; it was a powerful place. The Fort Worth Stockyards was another great stop during tour.

We returned to Greenville on Sunday, March 17, and performed our final concert at the Greenville Free Methodist Church. It was a bittersweet moment, especially for the seniors. By now most of us have recovered from “choir tour hangover,” a combination of complete exhaustion and lack of focus. Spring break was not very relaxing for us, but I think we all agree that the friendships and memories we made were worth it.

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