GC Speaks: Should Chapel Be Required?

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GC Speaks: Should Chapel Be Required?


“Maybe the better question is, ‘Shouldn’t chapel be good?’ But yes, I think chapel should be required to an extent – perhaps not as often as it currently is though.”

Lauren Schwaar – Senior


“I think that chapel should not be required or they should cut down on the amount of required times.”

Jenna Brandmeyer – Junior


“I think chapel should be required because in whatever we do in our day-to-day lives, we should always make time for God. Now that’s not saying that religion should be shoved down people’s throats, but chapel should provide fellowship, community, and relationships.”

Parker Wrey – Freshman


“I think that chapel should not be required. I am personally exempt from chapel, yet I still attend when I have time. It is much easier to pay attention and care about what is being said in chapel when you are not required to go. I think students would get more out of chapel if it was not required.”

Seth Martin – Sophomore


“I think the is definitely value in attending chapel and hearing God’s word, but GC chapel has a negative stigma. I think students should be able to choose what topics they want to hear about and only go to those chapels. This would mean students wouldn’t be required to attend all of them. The number should be less than 37.”

Haley Thatcher – Junior


  1. As a graduate, I look back on required chapel attendance with a different perspective, perhaps. A significant part of the bonding I have with other GC students of my era are the common experiences we shared in Chapel. I was exposed to different opinions and worldviews through chapel. Had chapel not been required when I attended, I would have missed several life-inspiring speakers that have been more valuable than I then knew.

    Finally, I recall chapel being more frequent when I attended than it now is. Those who state there should be fewer, higher quality events may already have been heard. Further, when I attended chapel services were the only option to fulfill the requirement. I believe there are now other options for obtaining sufficient number of chapel credits.

    Relish the break from the rest of your day that chapel provides. Soon enough you’ll be in a job stuck to a desk and wishing you could have a respite.


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