Sextravaganza: Singles and Couples

Written by Ross Baker & Millie Hodnett. Media by Kat Kelley.

Spring has sprung in Illinois, and for Greenville College students that means it is time for Sextravaganza! This year’s Sextravaganza topic is focused on debunking myths that surround sex and human sexuality.  Greenville College Residence Life is putting on four different events this year, with one on each Tuesday of April.  During the first week, there were two different sessions for students to attend, one about singles and another about couples.

The Couch Council discusses what they look for in a relationship. Photo: Kat Kelley
The Couch Council discusses what they look for in a relationship.
Photo: Kat Kelley

The event about singles was held in Snyder and featured a panel of single people and their thoughts on how to live in a “ring by spring” kind of world. Richard Lombardini, Amanda Landis, Jonas McBride, Peter Owens, Haley Fahrner, and Nicole Barks provided quality insight into the single life, relationships, and the tension that often exists between the two. Each panelist delved deeply into what they have learned through being single and how it has impacted their faith, their character, and their self-identity.

The panelists discussed what it means to be genuine in a relationship, as well as the importance of keeping your idols in check. Many of them expressed their experience with making the opposite sex an idol in their lives and how destructive this can be, not only for their relationship with a significant other, but with God.  Their advice for keeping God at the center was to remind oneself daily to trust in God’s promises. Though some of the panelists expressed a desire for a relationship, they all agreed that it is okay to rest in the tension of being single and desiring a relationship, as long as the idea of a relationship does not become an idol.

Though each of their stories is vastly different, they all echoed a sentiment best summarized by Haley Fahrner: “ Either God will bless you, or God will bless you.” So, in the time where rings abound and couples are everywhere, know this; God will bless you.

Photo: Kat Kelley

In Ladue Auditorium, four couples came together to discuss fears, questions, and advice for engaged/married couples.  The couples were Dan Mays and Lauren Roeschley, Hoss and Britney Dossett, Mark and Lindsey Ufert, and Sasha and Sarah Viatrov.  Noah Metzger MC’ed the event and with around 30 people present, this was a well-attended event!

After a short introduction, Noah split everyone into three groups: thinking about getting engaged, wedding planning and wedding day fears, and 1st year of marriage.  Each group was headed by one of the couples mentioned above.  During each group session, the leaders would ask the group a few questions to get discussion going and would also answer questions posed by the group members.  The leaders did a fantastic job of offering advice and giving “inside” information with each topic.

The Singles Couch Counsel.
Photo: Kat Kelley

Next week, Pastor Doug Newton from the FM church and his wife will be discussing the effects of pornography and the myths surrounding it. On April 23rd, Tim Caldwell and Peter Owens will be sharing stories with students about worst dates and dating relationships.  Finally, Sextravaganza will wrap up with a COR 401 group discussing the myths of sex.



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