Artist Spotlight: Chase Weber

Chase Weber Photo via Michael Trieb
Chase Weber Photo via Michael Trieb
Chase Weber.
Photo via Michael Trieb


Chase Weber

Year at Greenville



Audio Engineering

What kinds of mixing projects are you currently working on?

I am currently mixing two new EPs for Elk House and The Bowtie Trio. Both were tracked in Nashville at The Brown Owl, where I interned this summer.

How do you stay inspired?

To stay inspired, I try to write a few times a week. I also take time to walk around and stay fresh. It’s getting really nice outside, and it really helps the mind to get some fresh air and time to think.

Chase Weber bein’ sassy,
Photo via Michael Trieb

Do you consider engineering/producing/mixing to be an art?

I would say it’s more of a talent or gift than an art, but there is an artistic part to it. It requires lots of practice and trying many hats. One of the best ways to learn is to listen to those classic, older artists that have been around and model their techniques. I use a combination of older techniques and gut impulses to do what I do.

What does your art do for you?

To me, art is the rawest a person can get. It’s supposed to be honest and real. It should hurt to talk about. It should cut deep and move people. One of my favorite things to do when tracking live is to have the singer divulge the real meanings and story behind a song. I feel when the band concentrates on the message while playing, the story of the song speaks stronger.

What role will your art play in your life after graduation?

I’m planning on starting up a studio space with some friends I met this summer. (You can look them up at For income, I’m planning on editing for some guys I helped this summer and playing for artists. Most of my summer is filled with gigs with The Great Romance and Jake McMullen, whose EP I did in the fall.


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