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Kiah Kelsen
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Kiah Kelsen
Photo via Michael Trieb

What kinds of artistic projects are you currently working on?
We just finished the Elk House EP, so that was taking up a lot of my time. The next thing on the horizon is working on the new direction for Elk House, whatever it may be. So I guess writing is about it, mainly.  Trying to figure out what to do next.
How do you stay inspired?
I like to hug trees and kiss them sometimes. It’s fun to watch movies and sometimes it makes me think of words to do.
Do you feel a constant need to be creating art?
What does your art do for you?
It’s somehwat of a release, it’s an epxression of whatever i’m thinking about or feeling. Whenever I finish a song, I feel so whole.
What are some of your favorite artists?
Right now I really love Timber Timbre.  Neutral Milk Hotel will always be one of my favorites, Beirut, Fleet Foxes, Thao With the Get Down Stay Down.
Would you say you write your songs for yourself or for others?
I don’t think I really write songs for anyone… I just write songs.

Can you talk about your solo EP a bit? 
Prior to Elk House, I had been writing for a long time but never produced anything, so the small EP I made was the first thing I ever released. I’m pretty happy with it, for a first recording. It was cool to have somebody (Zach Bridier) who wanted to work with my music. I still like it, for what it was. I aspire to do better and grow as a songwriter and musician, but it was a good place to start. I haven’t really done anything else outside of Elk House since then, though.

Artwork for Kiah’s “Convolution EP”
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How was recording in Nashville with Elk House? 
The Brown Owl (recording studio) is super cool. It was super fun to get to go to Nashville and be in this studio that was an official studio, and to have all these other famous recording studios right by in the same area. It was really tiring to record 6 songs in one day; it took a lot of focus. But it was really fun and really worth it. I feel like we came out with a really good product.

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