Coptic Christians and the Egyptian Government

Written by Erik Reed. Media by James Menk.
(DENOMINATIONAL DISCLAIMER: I am a Protestant and these opinions are just my commentary on the Coptic Christians and how they are faring under the Egyptian government.)

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Have you ever been to Egypt? I have not. If you have been to Egypt at all, you will probably notice pyramids, warm weather and all what Egypt has to offer. If you have been in Egypt at some point after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, then you will have noticed people for and against the government in a sharp divide. The divide is between the Muslim groups and Non-Christians toward the Coptic Christians.

Hosni Mubarak

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 A little background on the Coptic Christian sect: The name “Copt” is derived from the Arabic word for “Egypt”. These Egyptians make up somewhere in the 13-15% range of the nation’s population. Over 1 million Coptic Christians, however, practice in various places outside Egypt, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. They celebrate Christmas on January 7 instead of December 25 and they have a “pope” as the head of their faith like the Roman Catholic Church.

The Copts are dwindling in numbers because of the fickle and oscillating Egyptian government. When I mean “oscillating,” I mean support gets thrown around between the military and the federal government in Egypt. Some of you may or may not know that Mohammed Morsi was ousted during the summer of this year and is in custody in a secret place. I believe that Egypt, being a Muslim country, is going to have her way no matter what anyone else may want. And unfortunately, it is not really about the welfare of the select few who are trying to worship Jesus Christ. Christians, whether Coptic, Protestants, etc., are feeling the heat rising while they continue to worship God. Until the LORD comes back in His glory for His unblemished, unspotted church, Christians will feel more heat from violent unbelievers.

The Coptic Church

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According to a recent article on the Christian Post, Most Copts are not willing to retaliate against the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else who has and is continuing to persecute them  Most also believe, without wavering, that God will prevail against the Islamists.

Next time in opinions: Part 2: Syria’s Madman President: Will the Insanity End?. Please remember, be careful, but continue to worship the LORD faithfully. God bless!


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