Emery to leave Tooth and Nail Records, start own Bad Christian Music label

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Written by Chelsea Jenkins. Media by Miles Priester.

A band of Christians, Emery is taking on a slew of new opportunities that could lead to a movement in the Christian community. Already known for challenging music listeners and blog readers alike, band members Toby Morrell, Matt Carter, Josh Head, and Dave Powell are increasing their notoriety by stepping away from long-time label Tooth and Nail Records and starting their own, dubbed Bad Christian Music. This label will represent not only Emery, but side project Matt and Toby. Other artists have yet to be announced.

Why Bad Christian? According to the press release on their official site, Emery reasons that “a common theme and belief of ours is that the pursuit of being a ‘good Christian’ is a flawed goal” that distracts us from what is really important: Jesus himself. They “prefer to label followers of Jesus as Bad Christians who…have a Great Savior.” They urge others to be “honest and transparent with [their] weaknesses and struggles” also.

To accompany the new label, Emery will also rebrand their controversial blog, UN-learning, as Bad Christian. UN-learning/Bad Christian encourages discussion between members of the faith and those who are still searching. By distancing themselves from close association with the Christian music industry, Emery has a wide and varied audience, making their blog effective. Much of the subject matter is challenging, with discussions of church attendance, praise and worship, loving one another, and alcohol consumption, to name a few, that are up-front and honest and never self-righteous.

Other projects Emery touches on in the press release are their intentions to expand the brand into a weekly podcast, an eBook of personal stories and the band’s philosophy, and establish Bad Christian church groups in local churches. They also plan to continue with what they’ve already been doing, performing in living rooms and traveling to “speak, teach, perform, and build communities.” Bad Christian has the potential to be much more than just music, but a way for Christians to cultivate and grow their faith in themselves and others.


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