GC Speaks: Change to GC Community

Written by Erica Siddle & Media by Fallyn Paruleski

With Ivan Filby stepping through the revolving door of GC Presidents, change is once again in the air. What changes would you like to see in the Greenville College community over the next several years?


fp_gcspeaks_1“I would like to see Holtwic fixed up to bring up the standards of living.” -Patrick Brown


“I would like to see a push toward a greater sense of biblical community within Greenville. The college really emphasizes community but does not put into action, especially in regards to segregation between majors.” -Katherine Harn and Amanda Land


“I would like to see more outreach programs done for community members outside of the college. Maybe, have the school take a day and serve the community a meal and talk to them.” -Beth Adams


“I would like there to be more community building activities on campus. I am a junior and I feel like I hardly know anyone in my grade and even less people outside of my class. Maybe try to mix underclassmen with upperclassmen. For hinting so much a community there isn’t really much.” -Emily Hodgson


“A more impressive student union.” Adam Crouch


In my four years at Greenville, I think the three most common statements I have heard follow along the lines of: Lifestyle statement, open dorm hours, and community.  While the college seems to do a pretty good job of make the first two an integral part of life in Greenville, community, which is by far harped on the most, is clearly lacking.  For you doubters out there, how many of you hang out with people outside of your major on a regular basis? How about outside of your floor, building, or sports team? Now you’re probably gearing up to hastily type several snarky remarks on how many “friends” you all actually have but keep your fingers at bay for just a moment until I fully explain myself!

By friends I do not mean the thousands you have created virtual friendships with on Facebook and other social media. I mean the ones who you can be your complete and true self around and they still love you even though you’re half crazy.  The friends who walked by your side through low points and dark days. These are the relationships that Greenville is emphasizing when using the term “community.” So tell me now, how many of these relationships do you have across campus?

I am going to venture out on a limb and say many of our personal communities do not often extend over the vast reaches of campus. Many may not even extend beyond the core group you made during NSO your freshman year. So tell me, Greenville Community (and that means ALL of you) how do we overcome this barrier? Can the entirety of Greenville College become a true place of community? If so, what are some ways you think could bring about this change?


  1. While I was a student, I hung out with a lot of people outside both of my majors. The main problem I see is that students want the school to force community. Community is largely in part of the people in that said community. The questions you were proposing, “how many of you hang out with people outside of your major on a regular basis? How about outside of your floor, building, or sports team?”. those are questions we need to answer & address ourselves. This is how change will happen. Not being forced to mingle. Upperclassmen who complain about not knowing the underclassmen, find some underclassmen & be their mentor. If you want to know people in your building, walk around & find new people. This will also help you find people in different majors.


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