Summer Blockbuster: The Bad

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Written by Tyler Lamb. Media by Austin Stephens.

Now out of all the movies I saw this summer, not all of them were that good. This will continue the list of what I saw with what was mediocre to just plain bad. Try and avoid most of these at all cost.

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Iron Man 3:
I already reviewed this. Judging by the comments on my review, I missed a line that explained something I ranted about. Oh well, I made a mistake. Maybe I was facepalming too loud or the horrible audience was distracting me from hearing the line in question. Either way, if that’s the only thing people who liked the movie can defend about my review, then I feel the majority of my opinion is pretty valid. I saw it two more times for friends sake, and it got less and less worse with subsequent viewings. However, I really feel that’s because I knew what to expect.



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Hangover Pt.3:

.5 stupid plots out of 4




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The Internship:
This is a movie I wish would have been good. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had great chemistry with their previous effort, Wedding Crashers. Unfortunately, they didn’t hit gold twice. A lot of the scenes relied on their chemistry that just didn’t seem to work with this setting. I’m not sure if things were unscripted, but it sure felt like it at times and that’s not a good thing. Thankfully I got to see this for free, because I wouldn’t have payed for it. It’s decent for a few laughs, but there are way better comedies out there you can chose from.

1 google search out of 4



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The Wolverine:
If I was comparing this to X-men Origins, I would rate this as one of the best movies ever created. However, that’s the case for almost any movie stacked up against that “film.” This was a better attempt at a Wolverine movie than previous, but it still was just awkward and boring at parts. Things didn’t seem to make sense, and you’re constantly wondering why this specific character has had two solo movies. The end credits scene is the best part of the movie, and a must see for any X-men fan, especially ones anticipating Days of Future Past. Other than that, this isn’t the kind of movie I would tell anyone to see right away, but at the same time you don’t need to avoid it.

2 flaming swords out of 4


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This is an interesting movie. What’s interesting about it is that if it was Neill Blomkamp’s first movie and came before District 9, it would be pretty good. Too bad that isn’t the case, as you’re going into this movie expecting something as creative and though provoking as District 9, but leave wanting more. There isn’t anything horrible about this movie; the acting, writing and directing are all good enough. Some of the invented weapons are cool to see and the CGI with the robots is pretty amazing. The problem is everything is just average, and you expect a lot more after seeing something like District 9.

2.5 made from the scraps of a Halo movie out of 4



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This is most likely the end of summer movie blockbuster. It’s awesome that Vin “The Dynamite” Diesel was able to get fans rallied behind this character enough to get a third made. Also, just like Fast and Furious 6, you get exactly what you expect. However, unlike F&F6, you don’t get much more. There are a lot of just plain cringe worthy scenes from action shots to dialogue between characters. I would say this is the best out of the three simply because it will age better than Pitch Black has, but that really isn’t saying a whole lot. Another movie I wouldn’t say avoid, but unless you’re a fan of the character or of the swoll fiend that is the acting genius Vin Diesel, don’t bother.

2 *now fingers crossed for a Pacifier sequel* out of 4

Well there you have it, the best, worst, and just plain meh the summer had to offer (that I saw, at least). I hope you are able to use this list in someway to figure out if you should rent a movie you were planning on seeing or not. Either that, or you can just totally disagree with my opinion, and use this to know what to see based off what I hated. Let me know in the comments if you agree, disagree, or what you think I should have seen this summer that I didn’t. Other than that, stick around for more reviews and other entertainment news here at the Greenville College Papyrus.



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