We Will Wait: Mumford & Sons Taking “Indefinite” Hiatus

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Written by Chelsea Jenkins, media by Miles Priester

It’s true: the Bluegrass rockers are calling time out. Mumford & Sons recently announced their intent to rest before the last stop on their extensive Babel tour in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Keyboardist Ben Lovett spoke with Rolling Stone, saying, “There won’t be any Mumford & Sons activities for the foreseeable future…We have no idea [how long]. We just know we’re going to take a considerable amount of time off.”

Media by www.nme.com
Media by www.nme.com

It’s no wonder that the boys need a break. Since the incredible success of 2009’s Sigh No More, it’s been a nonstop whirlwind for Mumford & Sons. The last four years has afforded the band two extensive tours, the recording and release of follow-up album Babel, and multiple Grammy wins (a total of 12 awards between 2011 and 2013). The band has also seen its share of drama this year in bassist Ted Dwane’s recent health scare; Dwane received emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain back in June, warranting a good rest on his own.

Though the hiatus may be ambiguous in nature, it seems unlikely that the band is done for good. According to NME, Lovett revealed to them before their Glastonbury gig that the band had already penned some new tunes. Lovett teased that they considered introducing the new music at the Glastonbury Festival this year, but decided to save it for another time. A comeback tour, perhaps? Fans can only hope.


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