GC Speaks: Shoot, It’s Legal

Written by Breanna Johnson and Media and Photos by Fallyn Paruleski

Over the summer of 2013, a very big change happened in Illinois. On July 9,2013 it was made a law that as long as one has a permit, they could carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Illinois. Of course, they were some people who were pleased and not so pleased about this law. Many people, including myself, thought that this act would only worsen crime and homocide rather than help with these problems. Yes, it is a right for a person to be able to defend themselves, and obviously these kinds of people aren’t the problem, and citizens like this aren’t the reason why Illinois residents like myself have a problem with this new law. Too many well meaning, law-abiding citizens are killed every year by guns all because there are too many people who don’t care about the laws or have regard for human life. Sadly, I hear more about innocent people getting killed by guns than criminals.

Instead of this new law cutting down crime in anyway, I see it as not really making a difference, which some may think is good, but it’s bad. Nowadays it’s easy to buy a gun, and the wrong people take advantage of it, not people who have permits and actually have guns because they want to protect themselves. I believe that weapons and violence should be the absolute last resort. It truly doesn’t matter to some if there’s a new law, because there has will always be those who break the law. Without a doubt there are still plenty of Illinois residents who have guns and have no permit, and some aren’t planning on using their guns for safety like the law hopes they will.


What other Greenville students have to say on the topic:


[I don’t agree with Illinois Concealed Weapon Law] because there is too much crime and shootings already, it will only get worse.  – Megan Martin, Freshman


Yes, [I agree with the law.] If they have a permit, it’s okay for people who want to use it for personal protection.  -Ally McNeil, Sophomore


“If the bad guys know you have a gun, they won’t mess with you! It’s easier to prey on unarmed citizens.”  – Emily “Squirrel” Rauch, Sophomore



  1. So I’m just wondering if the author of this article has actually gone through the process in Illinois to get a gun or she is just spewing what those against concealed carry spew. It took over four months for me to even get a FOID card. Then to purchase a weapon there is another waiting period. To be licensed for concealed carry you have to take a class and pass a test. These aren’t the people you need to worry about. Worry about those who don’t care what the laws are. They are the ones who are going to get guns no matter what they have to do to obtain them. The question is, will you be a helpless victim to them?


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