PlungerBall Deathmatch: Joy vs. Janssen

Written and Media by Jake Cannon.

Plungerball Deathmatch
Artist rendering of what went down Friday night

From the beginning of time, from before the eons stretched out its hands in infinite glory and painted the sky with a dazzling display of galactic explosions, there was a plunger. Not just any plunger, a plunger that from the crevices of its hardened shell burst forth in a marvelous light a rivalry so fierce and so intense that not even the words you’re reading can properly describe it.

You all know it so deeply and intimately as: Joy versus Janssen. And last Friday night, that rivalry was only made more extreme. Last Friday, Joy faced off against Janssen in an age-old Joy Hall tradition known as Plungerball.

What is Plungerball you might ask? The object of the game is to knock the other teams ball off a plunger using other balls. How is it set up? Placed opposite ends of the court are two poles. Those poles have plungers attached to them and those plungers have a ball on top of them. Surrounding the pole is a circle of cones. Only the goalie is allowed inside of the circle. Once the game begins, two balls are released for the bloodthirsty masses and it becomes an all out war to knock the other teams ball off the plunger. The catch? You’re only allowed to take three steps and dribble the ball three times before you have to pass it to someone else.

Janssen posing for a picture.
Janssen and their championship plunger.

Needless the say, the stage was set for an epic battle. In the first match, Paul Anders and Thomas Crown defended the ball for Janssen and defending for Joy was Luke Friedline and Conner Prenger. Janssen had a brilliant defense and they ultimately defeated Joy in the first round 10-4. Joy now had one chance to prove they were the best at Plungerball. So with a switch in defense (myself and David Weyers defending) and a determination that could cut through the thickest red tape, Joy set off to reclaim their honor. It was an incredibly close match, ultimately coming down to the wire with a score of 9-9. But, Janssen was able to get in that one shot to end the game. Thus, Janssen was able to take down Joy and claim the Plungerball championship trophy.

With our pride ultimately humbled and with blood dripping from our downcast faces, Joy walked back that night not only empty-handed, but with a lesson in humility. But the story isn’t over yet. Rumblings have been going around of a rematch, of a chance for redemption. Will Joy ultimately overcome their rivals in their own sport? Or will they stand idly by and let Janssen keep the trophy Joy rightly deserves?

The rest of the story is up to them.


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