The Return of Trailer Trash! (The Last Need for Don Escape)

Trailer Trash is Austin Schumacher and Jake Cannon



Ladies and gentleman, It returns.

That’s right!  Trailer Trash with Austin Schumacher and Jake Cannon is back, and we are more than ready to start trash talkin’ some trailers!  It’s been several months since we last chatted it up about movies, and it’s time to start again.  It was rather interesting to watch some of our predictions come to fruition over the summer.  Comparing our previous Trailer Trash articles with Tyler Lamb’s series on Summer Blockbusters:  The Good Stuff and Summer Blockbusters: The Bad, I was rather pleased how our quite unprofessional opinions held up, but now it’s time to stick our necks out again and see what’s coming up.

Waters Last Days on Mars
by Austin Schumacher

First off, we will be starting with the upcoming film, Waters of Mars.  Sorry *shakes head* my mistake.  Last Days on Mars.  Initially I was rather pleased to see some familiar faces in this one, and it seemed to have a bit of a gritty vein that I appreciated.  Looking rather Oblivion-esque, it begins to dive into a kind of space horror that we’ve come to see out of movies like the Alien series.  However, I gotta admit that this one seems to be lacking in the originality department.  After starting off rather strong, it ended up feeling rather hollow, and ultimately ended up looking exactly like the Doctor Who episode “The Waters of Mars,” which has eerily the exact same premise: pioneering astronauts on mars are invaded by an ancient “something” that infiltrates their bodies, and uses them to attack the rest of crew.    Appearing almost like a prequel to the Dead Space game series, this film looks like a Frankenstein of overused formulas.

Need For Speed
by Jake Cannon

Considering the fact that Need For Speed is one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time, it’s probably a good idea for Hollywood the milk this cash cow with a film adaption. I approached this trailer with Fast and Furious in mind: typical action racing film, thin plot-line, subpar acting,  et cetera. But after watching this trailer, it has changed my perspective. From the get-go, Austin said, you notice they don’t use a guitar heavy song/famous rap song/pop song to play in the background. They use a juxtaposition of quiet strings and a choir mixed with Jesse Pinckman Aaron Paul’s voiceover. It’s nice to see him getting settled in (we hope at least) to his post-Breaking Bad career. It’s not something you would expect from a movie about racing. But maybe that’s the point, Austin and I thought. Maybe Need For Speed will be a movie with racing in it versus a racing movie. Hopefully the screenwriters have crafted a decent plot line. From the trailer, even if the plot sucks, the visuals are superb. The plot will probably be revealed in the second trailer but for now, this looks like it could be an overall sleek and awesome film. Or if you’re like Austin, you’re just left wiping the drool off your chin from the gorgeous cars.

Don Jon
by Austin Schumacher

Anyone who watches this trailer may begin to wonder a bit as to why the GC Papyrus  would blatantly advertise something in which a guy openly talks about how he loves pornography.  Add on the fact that he jokes about it may cause some to debate about whether this is something that we should really be looking at.  Having said that, I must say that I am excited about this movie for those exact reasons.  In today’s age, we don’t really get a good look at pornography on a day-to-day level.  It’s that white elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, and this movie is willing to address it not just from a male perspective, but looking at it from both sides of the issue:  male and female perspectives.  If we are to be open and honest, many guys have been caught in a similar position.  Females do not understand what’s so appealing about porn just as males don’t understand chick flicks.

What I’m really anticipating in Don Jon is the fact that it’s going to be a film about a guy who openly objectifies people, but begins to see them as people again and not as objects.  Here we see the dichotomy of how this plays out in real life.  What porn plays out on a screen and what happens in reality is not the same.  One is fantasy, the other reality.  This movie may be a comedy and taking a light tone about this, but I think that it’s good to see Hollywood recognizing the difference between the screen and real life and beginning to talk about it.  Now, I certainly don’t think that pornography and sexual addiction are topics to simply address flippantly (Jake wanted to mention the movie Shame here), but I think that addressing it in this light may make it more approachable and open the doors for discussion.

Escape From Tomorrow
by Jake Cannon

What just happened? First off, this trailer was mind-blowingly creepy from the start. It’s literally twisting our brains from viewing Disney as this premiere definition of innocence to something evil and sinister. It’s a type of film that literally shouldn’t ever exist. It’s something we’re going to want to revolt against because it’s so against our societal norms. Austin described the filmmaker as such: you’re in a meeting and you’re popping off different ideas on how to improve the company you work for. Suddenly, the guy in the corner leaps from his chair and says something so outlandish and crazy that everyone in the room reacts with shock. Some might even respond with plugging their ears shouting, “you can’t say that!” All in all, this trailer is trippy. It’s already reached a cult classic status just from the controversy that is surrounding it. This was filmed without Disney’s permission so there’s a hotbed of legal issues just right there. One rumor even places the filmmaker editing in South Korea so Disney wouldn’t find him out. But whenever it will be released to the masses, it will surely be extremely popular.


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