Breast Cancer Blowout

Written by Breanna Johnson. Media and Photos by Fallyn Paruleski.


Almost everyone knows of Breast Cancer. Most probably aren’t experts on the subject, but many do know of this type of cancer and feel that it’s a serious problem for women and has affected the lives of many and their families. Breast cancer is often represented and acknowledged in various ways: commercials, stores, jewelry, awareness/support from some sports, the pink ribbon (which has become a symbol for breast cancer), pink clothing, and October has even become Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Personally, I feel that breast cancer is more represented that other cancer types and other illnesses and diseases in general. Yes, breast cancer is very important and should be taken seriously, but other diseases should be taken just as seriously.

Candle lit luminarias represent those who have passed away from breast cancer and those who are battling it. Photo taken by Fallyn Paruleski.
Candle lit luminarias represent those who have passed away from breast cancer and those who are battling it. Photo taken by Fallyn Paruleski.

Although breast cancer is a serious issue, sometimes people get involved in big problems for the wrong reason. Many celebrities get paid to do speeches or commercials on breast cancer awareness. And people don’t question them, but give praise just because a famous person said something about a serious issue. A lot of non-famous people jump on the bandwagon and try to pretend like they know about breast cancer or act like they may want help, but only may be interested because they don’t want to feel left out. It’s okay to be curious and ask questions, but not to waste time and money on something you’re not passionate about and genuinely not interested in.

Of course, it’s a great that breast cancer is getting so much support and people are aware of this serious disease, but some of us can’t help but wonder, how did it become so well-known? Breast cancer has claimed millions of lives, and has no cure or chance of stopping, but honestly this much attention and support isn’t given to heart disease, and this disease is the #1 cause of death for women in America. Breast cancer has its own month, but most other cancer types or other diseases don’t have a month dedicated to their issue. And it actually hurts a lot of people and organizations who may be battling from problems and causes that need help, but aren’t getting enough attention or funding. Again, the intention is not to bash breast cancer month, or those who are suffering from it, because despite the popularity this cancer may seem to have, there are real people who are fighting for their lives and trying to survive and beat this.

A sign of HOPE stands at a Relay for Life event in Teutopolis, Illinois. Photo taken by Fallyn Paruleski

It’s not a popularity contest. Everyone who’s struggling with any type of cancer or disease in general should be represented. Hopefully more people will start to catch on to this thinking and more attention and research will be brought to these countless illnesses and diseases, and soon they all will be important. Maybe if there are more people who are committed to all of the different causes, big changes can ensue, like cures or new informational research!


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