GC Speaks: Bike Laws

Written by Courtney Tierney. Media and Photos by Fallyn Paruleski.

This week’s GC Speaks is about bike laws. The question is, “Should road laws be altered to recognize differences between bikes and cars or should cyclists and drivers be treated the same as they are now?” Here’s what the GC community had to say:

“I feel like they’re fine as they are. If you’re on the road, you have to act as you are, otherwise there will be accidents.” – Sarah Adams

“I feel like experienced cyclists don’t have a problem, it’s the inexperienced ones, but then the question is who do you cater to? I think we should leave them as they are.” – Andrew Schreiber

“They should probably be changed. It’s best to be overly-cautious rather than under-cautious. It’s better to have more rules.” – Kelsey Brown

“I think they should be different than they are now.” – Alex Staton

“Some places have certain bike lanes, which helps. People on bikes are in a lot more danger than cars.” – Maria Koppelberger


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