Greenville 50 Hour Film Festival

Photo by Joe Kam

Written and Media by Mikey Courtney.


For the last five years, Greenville College has hosted a filmmaking-oriented event named the 50 Hour Film Festival. The concept seems pretty simple: we provide you with three simple motifs, and then you and your team make a short film over the weekend. If this kind of thing sounds appealing to you, then it is time to bust out the video camera and blow the dust off the old clapperboard because this year’s 50 Hour Film Festival is happening THIS weekend.

This year’s festival, sponsored by Norm Hall and Student Development, provides a chance for individuals to test and exercise their creative abilities with filmmaking and teamwork. Starting Friday, November 15th at 8pm, teams of two have fifty hours to write, shoot, edit and submit an original five to seven minute long film. On Friday night the GC 50 Hour Film Festival event page will release three motifs—an object, a location, and a line of dialogue—you must incorporate into your film in order to qualify for judging.  While these motifs may get you thinking about your narrative, they do not have to determine your story or theme. Think of these motifs as “easter eggs” you include into your story for the audience and judges to find.

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Participants have until Sunday, November 17 at 10pm to finalize their films and turn them in. Jake Amundson will take final submissions via jump drive in the Upper Union Sunday night starting at 8pm.  Anyone who shows up after 10pm will not be eligible for submission.  First place winners will receive two $100 Amazon Gift Cards while second and third place winners receive similar cash prizes.


Norm Hall, Jacob Amundson and a secret special guest will acts as judges in this year’s competition. While the screening date has not yet been announced, Professor Amundson stated it would most likely take place sometime next week at the Globe Theater.  When the information becomes available, the GC 50 Hour Film Festival event page will update with the proper date and time.  Keep an eye out for the festival’s posters you see around campus, as they will be updated with this information as well.

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Remember, the festival is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  Do not feel discouraged if you do not own the slickest, most expensive camera on campus.  This festival is not just about bells and whistles; it is about creating an interesting story. When asked what he looks for in a winning film, professor Amundson replied, “Production value is not the biggest concern the judges will have. We will be looking for videos that integrate the three elements (required object, required location, and required line of dialogue) into one creative and compelling narrative.”


Don’t forget to join the GC 50 Hour Film Festival event page to receive updates and the three required motifs. Pick one partner to work with and create something compelling! Puzzled about where you would start? Here is last year’s winner to help you get the wheels turning.

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Overview of What you Need to Know

  • Event takes place Friday 8pm – Sunday 10pm.
  • Includes teams of 2 people.
  • Film must include three motifs listed here. (Releasing on Friday at 8pm)
  • Film must be approximately 5-7 minutes long.
  • Turn in film via jump drive to Jake Amundson in the Upper Union between 8pm and 10pm on Sunday.
  • Dont be boring, be creative!



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