Pilot Greenlight: How I Met Your Dad

Media by huffingtonpost.com
Media by huffingtonpost.com

Written by Chelsea Jenkins. Media by Austin Stephens.

There will no doubt be a void in our lives when How I Met Your Mother airs its 200th and final episode this spring. After nine seasons, Ted Mosby and Co. have become our favorite mess of friends to drop in on each week. Yes, we’ll miss this legendary series, but will that void soon be replaced by a HIMYM spinoff?

According to Entertainment Weekly, show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have reached an agreement with CBS (which currently airs How I Met Your Mother) to produce the pilot for a spinoff series. That series is How I Met Your Dad, which will essentially tell the tale of a female Ted Mosby. While it’s easy to assume that the series would follow the journey of Cristin Milioti’s character as the ‘Mother’ to the aisle, Hollywood journal The Wrap says otherwise. HIMYD will feature a brand new cast of characters and therefore a new story. According to Craig Thomas, “should [the spinoff] go forward, [it] will have to earn the love [of the audience] again in a new way and just be its own charming, different thing.”

When fresh, exciting, and wildly successful shows reach their impending end, it’s natural for the showrunners to want to keep the party going. There’s no doubt that spinoffs are shaky ground; neither popularity nor quality is guaranteed. While details have yet to be released on plot and casting choices, it remains to be seen if How I Met Your Dad will actually come to fruition and be the “different” show that Thomas and Bays intend to create. Should the spinoff be picked up for a run, we can only hope for a Frasier and not a That 80s Show.


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