Spotlight on Krochet Kids

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Written by Lexi Baysinger. Media by James Menk.

We’ve all seen them. Several people around campus wear them no matter what the weather is. Beanies, especially the crochet variety, are on the rise on the GC campus. I want to bring to your attention an organization that sells these hats, but they sell them in order to help other people in the world. It is Krochet Kids intl.They work with women in Uganda and Peru to help them out of poverty. Buying the crochet hats from Krochet Kids intl helps support 150 people in Uganda and Peru. And, not only that, buying a hat will keep your head warm as we move into fall and winter.

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Many of us believe that the skills we have can’t be used to help the world. The founders of Krochet Kids intl., Travis, Stewart, and Kohl, believed the same thing. They learned how to crochet so that they could have unique hats for their snowboarding adventures; they never through it would grow past that. After their friends and family saw their hats, they began getting requests to make hats and other crocheted projects, so their hobby turned into a business. Then the three friends moved on to college, splitting up and continuing to crochet for new people at their colleges. It was during college when Stewart made a trip to Uganda and they learned about what had been happening in Uganda for the past 20 years. Ugandans had been living in government camps, completely relying on government aid to survive. The people were tired of being dependent, and it was then that the founders of what would become Krochet Kids intl. realized how the simplicity of knowing how to crochet would help these people. The friends decided that they would teach the women of Northern Uganda how to crochet and then sell their products. Right away, Travis, Stewart, and Kohl realized that by giving these people a way to make a living, that they were helping them rise above poverty.

Their basic project grew over the years, and when the founders were halfway through college, they applied to become a non-profit organization. The summer after they became a non-profit, they went to Uganda and sat with a group of women and watched as they mastered the art of crocheting. Since then, over 150 people are being helped in Uganda. They are receiving education and learning how to work a trade that creates products that give back.

On their website, the Krochet Kids give four ways to get involved. The first, and simplest, is just buying a hat. This lets you directly support one of the women who made the hat, and when you buy it, you also get a card that gives information about the woman who made your hat. The second way to get involved is to share Krochet Kids intl. on with your friends. They have Facebook pages and Twitter pages that you can look at and follow to learn even more about their organization. The third way to get involved is taking on an internship in the organization. They offer internships in California and overseas, so if you’re already searching for an internship, and this seems interesting to you, check it out. The last way to get involved is to start a campus club. This is a great way to meet people who are interested in the same things you are and to make a difference in people’s lives as you bring more awareness to the GC campus about how buying a hat can change lives.

If knowing how to crochet and teaching others can make this much of a difference, imagine what you can do with the skills that you have.


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