Student Debt

Written by Breanna Johnson. Media by Fallyn Paruleski.

The day I graduate college will probably be the happiest day of my life. Right after I walk across that stage and that Bachelor’s Degree paper slips in my hand, I will  rejoice about what I’ve accomplished. But you know what I will not celebrating? All the money I will owe. Student debt is no joke and almost everyone I know is going through the same thing, and not to scare anyone, but it worries me a little to say the least! Thinking back to my senior year of high school, my mom mentioned to me that the colleges I were considering were very expensive. I wasn’t really taking her as seriously as I should have and wasn’t fully aware of what she was telling me. Sometimes it was annoying because she pushed me to seek scholarships and grants but I didn’t really listen to her because I thought everything would take care of itself. It wasn’t until college until I fully understood how things work financially and how money may not be everything, but it is very important, especially for college! So we need to be prepared as possible.

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So we don’t worry ourselves too much with how much money we will owe after college, there are two things I advise we focus on to make sure all our money is not going to waste:


1) Make sure to seek out scholarships, grants, and anything else that will help you pay for college!

There are so many opportunities to get money and help you pay for college, you just have to do a little research. Plenty of people that you know have probably been blessed and have gotten financial help, just ask them. If an opportunity is presented to you by your school, family, or friends, take it!  If I had listened to my mom, maybe I would’ve had help a long time ago!


2) Get as much out of college as you can

Since we are paying money and spending so much time at school, we need to take advantage of our education, whether it’s reading all of our expensive books or spending extra time studying and making lifelong friends. Bottom line, unless you have a full ride scholarship or you go to a school that has no tuition (there a few, but not many) you are paying to go to school, so don’t waste your money by skipping class, not studying, and not enjoying college to the fullest. It may seem like I’m preaching, but I’m talking to myself as well.


College is worth it, no matter the debt.



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