Tennis Golf

Written by Erik Reed. Media by Fallyn Paruleski.


Hello, folks. I would like to call your attention to a game that could be harmless-if it was placed in an urban setting with more outside space and Greenville College’s outside area is hardly large enough. I am talking about urban golf, or as I like to call it-“tennis golf,” since that type of ball is always used when urban golf is played at GC.

The reasons in a nutshell why it should not be played are these: 1.) some windows on campus may not be made of flexiglass, 2.) tennis balls may fly fast enough to cause injury and 3.) the balls might roll to the middle of road and be destroyed, which might eventually cost money. I am not against the game, but it should be played very, very carefully. It seems when I see people play the game, I wonder if they are using caution when playing, knowing people are moving about.

Reason #1: I know the Marston Hall’s windows are flexiglass, but that does not mean all of the college campus’ windows are. Plus, there could be damages to other things, such as vehicles that can come through the Scott and Ganton fields. Then what? Then someone has to pay for the broken windows, either the school or the student players. Those balls could damage vehicles and then we run into the same dilemma of which parties should pay for the damages caused by tennis golf.

Norm Hall playing tennis golf. Image from Nathan Hood's Facebook page.
Norm Hall playing tennis golf. Image from Nathan Hood’s Facebook page.

Reason #2: If playing tennis golf injures someone, it could be in the face, neck, back, groin, etc., so be careful, tennis golf players. The last thing anyone needs, including me are lawsuits, and the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 6 warns against suing others, especially other believers, so once again, use caution!

Reason #3: What if your game balls roll into the middle of College Ave. and they get run over by passing traffic? Then what? If it would, Yahweh forbid, keep happening over and over again, then it would start costing money, right? So I propose that someone organizes a team and play it on the official golf courses in Bond County. Did you guys think of that? I am not trying to be mean, but thinking of others.

So, as best as I know how, I hopefully convinced some of you to think about urban (AKA: tennis) golf.  I believe we should move the game from GC to official golf courses where there are more acres of space. Now go play and be safe while doing so!


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