Making the Best of a Blizzard | GC Students Enjoy the Snow

Written by Nathan Hood. Media by Logan Nelson.


#GCSkiTeam; It’s like Sochi, but with stray cats instead of dogs.

 Growing up in Montana, we often had to find ways to have fun with the snow to stay sane through our winters, which seem to last for about half the year. When I was younger, that started out as sledding and snow forts, but once high school hit, it turned into building ski jumps wherever and whenever possible.

 How does this relate to Greenville College? Transition to #GCSkiTeam

Logan Nelson’s Spread Eagle (picture by Logan Nelson)

Upon returning from interterm we received a lot of snow, and I saw that it was going to stick around for a while. Then my housemate, Riley Metzger bought a shovel, and my snow instincts kicked in.  It started as shoveling all the steps, sidewalks, and a few conveniently placed paths around Mak House. And then I started looking around at the slight hill that led towards the tennis courts in my backyard, and I realized someone on this campus has to own a pair of skis. After remembering Alex Staton’s classic picture of him skiing the stairs of his dorm, I messaged him to see if he had skis. He said no, but told me that Logan Nelson did. Immediately I friend requested him and stared at the computer until the message popped up on my screen, *Logan Nelson accepted your friend request.* I immediately sent the message, “Hey you have skis, let’s be friends.”

From that moment on, #GCSkiTeam spent many late night hours piling snow, shaping jumps, and perfecting our spread eagles with an ever changing and growing group of people. This experience is and will always be one of my greatest memories here at GC, bringing a little bit of Montana fun to my backyard for a few nights. Reflecting back on how Adam Crouch put it after his first night on the slopes, it could not be said any better, “GC Ski Team encapsulates all the powerful bonds between man and snow, man and ski, and man and man that gives us hope in this age of uncertainty.”

check out this SICK, RAD, RAW, BADONK, IGHT video of the fun!
video made by Logan Nelson