The Barbershop: The Final Chapter

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Written by Isaac Barber & Media by Joe Hubbs

Ah Yes, the NFL season is officially in the books, the hay is in the barn, it is OVA!! (Insert tears hear). With that being said, let’s reflect on the season that was.

 The Super Bowl

Like most of America, I tuned in to watch the most televised scrimmage in NFL history. It was really sad to watch, especially with all of the hype leading up to the game. Despite being the Chair of GC’s “I Heart Peyton Club” (hasn’t been approved by Student Development YET!), I was a fairly neutral party in this game. I would have rather watched paint dry in water than to watch what went down for four quarters of that game. Just seeing Peyton’s offensive line allow so many hits made me appreciate the fact that he played the entire game and didn’t need to eat through a tube the next day.

Peyton Manning

First Snap of the Super Bowl is tossed to an unprepared Manning Media by
First Snap of the Super Bowl is tossed to an unprepared Manning
Media by

Speaking of Peyton, PLEASE stop talking about him as if he has not been one of the best quarterbacks the league has EVER seen. You hear people talk about his legacy being tarnished, and that is really cute talk, especially after he’s lost a nationallytelevised scrimmage., but let’s never forget the numbers. He has not only broken numerous records, but has shattered them, such as points scored in a season, yards thrown in a season, and Touchdown passes in a season (a record he has broken twice now, BY THE WAY). He was a victim of an offensive line that was abysmal, a receiving core that forgot that there was a defense ready to tackle them when they tried to catch a ball, and a special teams unit that was really un-special. Next time you talk about Mr. Manning’s legacy, take a look at the numbers and the class in which he went about putting up those numbers.


Congratulations to you, the 12th man (special shout out to Riley O’Regan, a ride or die Hawks fan, and all of your bandwagon fans). I will not take away credit from anything this team has done this year. Defense wins championships. If you do not think so, look at the Seattle Seahawks, a team with a mediocre offense, and a sad offensive line, seemed to hold the best offense in the history of the NFL to a measly eight points. The Legion of Boom has gotten the attention of NFL fans everywhere, and could go down as one of the best defenses to ever grace our television screens.


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Biggest Dissappointments of 2013 Season

  • Texans – Before the season started, many people figured the Texans to have one of the most prolific offenses in the league. Balanced with a good defense, they were picking the Texans as favorites to make the Super Bowl. How wrong they were. The Texans do however, own the rights to the number one pick in this upcoming NFL Draft.

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  • Eli Manning – Every defensive back’s favorite quarterback. You never know what you are going to get out of Eli, but surely no one expected him to lead the league in interceptions.

    SuperBowl Commercials – I was none too impressed this year with the Super Bowl commercials. Of course that could be because of my distaste for the scrimmage itself. However, they were not the caliber of Super Bowl commercials I have grown accustomed to.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – HOW DARE YOU?!?! Interrupt Bruno Mars with no shirt on! My mother was watching (do you not remember the last shirtless fiasco and the madness that caused?) I vote next time you enter a NFL Stadium (or Bruno Mars’ city) you shall be arrested on sight.


Things We Loved

Puppy Bowl – Through my disappointment of the Super Bowl, I stumbled across a great find. The Puppy Bowl! An event in which puppies have their own bowl game. As a dog lover, I thought this was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. This is right up there with seeing Ivan Filby in a Buddy the Elf costume.

Tony Gonzalez – This will be his last year in the NFL and I loved watching someone with so much class play the game the way he did. If you ever want to know what hard work, great personality, and a beautiful smile gets you, look at Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez has set the mark for every future tight end, and he is a person that has made an impact outside of football.


Tim Tebow and Doritos – Though the Super Scrimmage commercials lack the quality that we are used to seeing, the Doritos commercials delivered as they do every year. Tim Tebow, was also gold, whenever a person can see the light in any situation it is gold.


Predictions for next year


*Just want to say, my predictions for this past season, were pretty good.


MVP – Aaron Rodgers


DPOY – Clay Matthews


OPOY – Peyton Manning (In his last season)


ROY – Johnny Manziel


DPOY – Ha Ha, Clinton-Dix (Just cause I think his name is really cool, he’s pretty good too)


Super Bowl


Steelers vs Packers (Steelers win 23 -17)





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