GC Speaks: Who is GC Confession?

Media by Charley Phillips

Written by Betsy Wagoner. Media by Charley Phillips.


Screenshot by: Charley Phillips
Screenshot by: Charley Phillips

In the past few years, Greenville College has been blown up on social media. Some Facebook pages have included “Greenville Cats” or twitter accounts like “Only at Greenville” or “GC Mingle.” Most of these accounts have had private, secretive operators who find fun in never revealing their identity. What seems to be the most popular and the longest lasting is “GC Confession.” GC Confession has been around for about 2 years, and anyone can send in a confession anonymously through a Survey Monkey link located in the About Me section of the page. Then the operator of GC Confession will post those as statuses. If you’re a GC student and have a Facebook, there is no doubt you have seen this page and are probably a friend of it. Whoever runs this page is pretty good at keeping it secret, but we wanted to hear from all of you on who you might think it is!


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