Erik’s Favorite Websites

Erik's Favorite Websites
Image credit Justin Smith

Written by Erik Reed. Digital media by Justin Smith.


Hello, folks, have you ever had your share of favorite websites (ex. YouTube and MySpace)? Of course, we all have. We frequent them for the latest updates and/or recommend them to others. We tweet or use a lot of hashtags when sending messages. Or, we may use them as our only means of communications, besides cell phones. Let me share a few of mine in this order: 1.) YouTube, 2.) Facebook, 3.) Christian Post, 4.) Quackwatch and 5.) Encyclopedia Titanica.

Image credit Justin Smith.

We all love YouTube, don’t we? This is where I go to listen to music about 96% of the time. You can also listen to remixes, full albums, watch video game walkthroughs, etc. Many times, I personally like listening to remixes of some songs of old, listen to covers of songs, parodies of songs and watch Pokémon video game walkthroughs. YouTube is where one can see some of his/her favorite shows, provided that 1.) it is on there and 2.) YouTube has no intent of removing content due to copyright violations, etc.

Image credit Justin Smith.

Facebook seems to have been more popular than MySpace since c. 2010, right? I like seeing other peoples posts, photos and now that Facebook has BitStrips, I can make a comic of myself in wacky situations whenever I want. Some people also use Facebook for games (FarmVille, FarmVille 2, Pawn Stars, etc.) or post their businesses online as another avenue to get customers. You know, I use to have a MySpace account, but it is very “blah” today. Facebook is where it is!

The Christian Post
Image credit Justin Smith.

The Christian Post is a popular Christian online newspaper that discusses big news in a Christian format and has opinion pieces written by true men of God and false prophets (a moderate disadvantage) alike. Many times, I will read the CP whenever I see updates. It is better to keep in the know not just in secular news, but what is happening in the Christian and the so-called Christian worlds. Personally, if you see any opinion articles from televangelist Joyce Meyer, please do not read it. Why? She is one of the many false teachers running around in the world.

Image credit Justin Smith.

Quackwatch is a site run by a former physician from North Carolina named Stephen Barrett. Stephen Barrett M.D. has run Quackwatch since 1997 and this site exposes a lot of “quacks” as it were. You find information on fraudulent doctors and fraudulent and worthless medical practices that you might not find anywhere else in detail. As mentioned in its mission statement (, this site is set on exposing “health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies and misconduct.” I would recommend this site 20 out of 10.

Encyclopedia - Titanica
Image credit Justin Smith.

Finally, Encyclopedia Titanica. This online encyclopedia is dedicated to my favorite historical event since 1900, The RMS Titanic. It has biographies on every passenger and crew member, including those crew members who didn’t quite make it on board to serve for one reason or another. It includes deckplans, wreck photos, and many research articles about the disaster.


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