Gina Kester

Media by Kelsey Neier

Written by Lexi Baysinger. Media by Kelsey Neier.


You’ve probably seen her emails. She is the one who sends us the job postings so that we can look for work while enrolled in school and for the summer. But not many of you may know who she really is. Her name is Gina Kester, and she is an Administrative Assistant who truly cares about the students that she helps.

Gina Kester
Media by Kelsey Neier.

Mrs. Kester has worked at Greenville College since January 31st of this year. She is married and has two boys, ages 12 and 15. She came to GC from Iowa and when she was in college, she studied to be a business education major. This has helped prepare her for her current position at GC. Her position as an Administrative Assistant means that she works with 5 different departments, most of them based in the library. The departments that she works with are: Student Success, Center for Career and Calling, Director of Leadership Development, and Counseling services. She also works with peer tutoring.

While her job may seem a bit boring to most of us, she loves it. Since her desk is out in the open, something not a lot of other staff members understand, she gets to interact with students every day and loves getting questions from them. She is never bothered by people coming up to ask her questions, even if it’s just to use her stapler. It’s part of God’s gift to her to give her a genuine care for people. For Mrs. Kester, it doesn’t matter who the person is, or how many times they have asked her question, she wants to help and will do her best to take care of any problem a student can present to her.

Gina Kester
Media by Kelsey Neier.

During our conversation, I had the chance to ask Mrs. Kester how God had impacted her during her short time at GC. She said that He had a knack for plucking her and placing her in different locations. She felt a strong sense of calling for each spot that He relocated her to, this year alone she and her family have moved three times. When her family returned to Greenville after a short stay in Georgia, she worked at the hospital for a bit until she found the opportunity to work at the college in the position she is in now. She felt like God was pushing her to apply for the position, and the next thing she knew, she was back at GC.

In her time here, though it’s been short, Mrs. Kester has cultivated a love for the students she works with, especially the tutors that she supervises. She’s happy to be working with people and having the opportunity to see students grow as they work with each other. Her favorite thing to watch is the tutors working with their peers to help them grow. In our conversation, I could see how much she cared about the students and people she worked with. She is definitely someone who is filled with the love of God.

If you would like to stop by and see Mrs. Kester, she holds court in the library back in Student Success.




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