Really, Let it Go

Really, Let it Go
Image credit Justin Smith.

Written by Denee Menghini. Media by Justin Smith.


I loved Frozen. I really did. The music. The snowman. The animation. The Sven. The spunky sisters and their unbreakable bond. I loved it so much. I am confessing my love for Frozen in order to soften the blow of what I’m about to say next.

Really, folks, let it go.

If I see one more cover of “Let It Go,” on my Facebook feed I might go crazy.

At first it was cute. Two little girls mumble singing the words was really precious. Alex Boye’s African tribal version featuring a children’s choir was a neat twist on the song. Watching all of our favorite Disney characters take turns singing lines of the song was fun for a while.

Then there are the medleys and parody videos of the song. Flawless is the only word to describe Youtube celebrity Sam Tsui’s mash-up of “Let It Go” and Passenger’s “Let Her Go.”

Naturally Jimmy Fallon got in on the act when he turned a phone call between President Obama and Russian President Vladmir Putin into a “Let It Go” sing-along.

And let’s be honest, who’s not a sucker for a Pentatonix medley?

So, yes, it was fun for a while. Now, though, the time has come to move on. I know the temptation is real, especially since Frozen was just released on DVD last week. All I am asking is that we agree to keep those amazing “Let It Go” covers to ourselves. Sharing was caring for a while, but there is such a thing as over sharing. Sadly, friends we have reached that point.

Normally I operate by a “live and let live,” policy on social media. If your posts get on my nerves I just unsubscribe and carry on cyber stalking other people. The problem is that this fad is bigger than a few isolated incidents. So many of us are jumping on this bandwagon, and its slowly dragging us all down together.

We are dangerously close to tarnishing the greatness of this whimsical Disney classic. Imagine a day when you are showing Frozen to your children, but the struggle is real because you can hardly bear to hear “Let It Go,” one more time. Think about it. That’s terrifying. Almost as terrifying as a day when an ice princess has to hold her powers in all the time. Let’s work together to make sure that day never comes.



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