The Wonder of Music

Written by Ariana Thomas. Media by Justin Smith.


Ever think about the wonders behind music? Many do not understand the things that music is really capable of or what it truly represents, the power it holds. It is more than just appealing to the ears and in only the way that it can it seeps into our minds and many times our hearts. It has been debated whether it was language or music which came first, but one thing is true: both music and language are one in the same. Both feed off of the other, and because they do, they are always creating something new. It is important to remember that music plays a part in development and growth. It is how a child uses a melody to remember the alphabet, or how when a song is implemented in a love scene it brings out emotion that one wouldn’t feel without it. Music has so much power and a lot of it goes unnoticed simply because it is all around us and many times it subconsciously seeps into our minds, and it leaves a message that we are sure to think about later. Music can spark emotion and even creativity. Music is for anyone, and that is one of the things that makes it so effective. Music is eternal and is so wide that each and every person on this earth can come to love it and be moved by it. Not only does music effect an individual, but it can have an influence over whole countries and even the world.

Whitney Houston
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Take for instance Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem in 1991.

From her voice alone, her performance of our country’s national song touched the hearts of many, and it could even be said that it touched the world. Also, take a look at the legendary raggae singer Bob Marley.

Bob Marley
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He was a man with a voice unlike any other, and more importantly he spoke of truth and peace, and he sang his songs with passion and genuinity.

That is what music should be. Music should put hope into people’s hearts. It should be an outlet for emotions, the happy and the sad. Music is always at our fingertips and with it we make the most beautiful things. Music conveys the message that sometimes words cannot. At the end of the day, music and lyrics do not always ┬áhave a positive message. Music and lyrics that spread a message that is contrary to my morals is doesn’t really make sense to me in all honesty, but still music is here for a reason. Music never dies because it lives in all of us in one way or another.


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