Encore Music Festival

Written and Media by Shannon Geary.

Photo from Encore Music Festival Facebook page.
Photo from Encore Music Festival Facebook page.

On May 3rd, Greenville College hosted Encore Music Festival on Scott Field. Encore is a grassroots festival that showcased many of the campus bands and gave people a fun, free event to attend. The day started off with the Adam Curry Band, followed by Sunn Soaked, Tyler Bradford Wright, Nick Bifano & The Innocents, Joy Rode, Izzy Wignall, Crowns, and ended with a DJ set by PeteSnacks. Students were also encouraged to sign up to volunteer during the festival with the promise of pizza. Festival attendance seemed good, and it appeared that some of the Encore staff is already gearing up for the potential Encore 2015.

Photo from Encore Music Festival Facebook page.

Also slated to perform that night was Copperlily, comprised of Stephanie Smith (now Stephanie Skipper) and Tim Skipper of House of Heroes, and T-Jones. However, due to some legal issues, they were not able to perform on Scott Field at the college. Instead, they both gave a free show at the Greenville First Christian Church where I managed to snag an interview with Copperlily.

Encore Music Festival was a great day full of food, fun, and fellowship for students and anyone else who cared to join the festivities. I know I, for one, am excited and hopeful for the thought of Encore returning again next year.


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