Making Green: Entrepreneurship at Greenville

Image by Andrea Freeman

Written Madeline Kohlberg. Media by Andrea Freeman.



By now, you’ve probably seen them on campus: stands set up selling everything from delicious puppy chow to stylish t-shirts.  That’s right, it’s time for the entrepreneurship class to put their new skills into action and provide us with some great merchandise to boot.

The members of the entrepreneurship class, taught by Professor Danara Moore, have spent the semester learning business and marketing skills, culminated in this massive project.  They split into groups, choose a business and marketing plan, and put it into action.  They had to start from the ground up, getting everything from sponsorships to materials so that they could put everything to get together.  Everything they’ve created was done through those sponsorships and out of their own pocket, so everyone should take a look at these fantastic businesses and offer what support you can.

And, just in case you haven’t seen all the options, we’ve created a list of available businesses for your perusal!

Smooth Moves

Image by Andrea Freeman
Image by Andrea Freeman

We all know that spring lasted approximately a week before it started feeling like summer (upper 80s and 90s in May, are you kidding me??), so stop by this stand if you’re interested in a nice, cold smoothie to help beat the heat.  Fruity goodness, and it’s healthy too, so what’s not to love?

For prices and flavors check them out at (


Stop, Guac, and Roll

Maybe you’re not in the mood for something sweet, but that’s just fine.  This group’s got some chips, salsa and guacamole.   A delicious snack, it’s always fantastic to have something fresh and different at this point in the semester.  Delicious.


Surely you’ve been seeing the “Forever Filby” signs around campus, and I know exactly what you’re thinking.  What better use for such a phrase than to put it on a t-shirt?  You’ll be able sport your Filby shirt with pride, and look quite stylish while you’re doing it.

Greenville Grams

Taking a whole new spin on the business, this group is providing us with an on-campus message system, telegram-style.  If you’re curious, stop by to learn more about this unique service.  It could completely revolutionize the way that we communicate on campus!


Chubb’s Chow

Image by Andrea Freeman
Image by Andrea Freeman

Peanut butter, chocolate, powdered sugar… does it get much better than this in the world of snack food?  That’s right, this group will be providing you with puppy chow to satisfy that sweet tooth.  A personal favorite of mine, I know I’m excited.

This Monday (12th) through Friday (16th), be sure to do your part and stop by these stands.  The entire class has worked very hard on this project, and hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of their labor! So go and see what you can find!




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