Summer Movies 2014

Written by Tyler Lamb. Media by Paul Anderson.


The summer is always a great time for movie goers. We are treated to tons of movies, whether it’s a blockbuster or independent film, to chose from. Sometimes it may seem a little overwhelming, and without endless funds or time it’s hard to decide what to see and what to pass up. Here is a list of the movies I am most excited for this summer, and that you should considering giving a chance.




What better way to start off the summer than a giant monster movie? Not only does the cast hold some heavy hitters with the likes of Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olson, but it is a revamp of one of the most iconic characters of all time. Personally, I have a soft spot for monster movies and this one seems to be on track to hit it hard. With the trailers we haven’t been given a huge amount of information, and that’s a great break in the trend as of late. I not only recommend to see this movie when it releases, but to see it in an IMAX theater.


X-Men: Days of Future Past:


X-Men movies have been a roller-coaster of quality. We got the decent first film, the revolutionary second, the terrible third, even worse spin-off, a pretty good prequel and then a nothing more than a decent second spin-off. Now we are being treated to almost an entire reboot of the series. Of course, they want to do it in a fashion where they don’t have to make us forget about the past movies all together. Since this is a comic book film, they can just draw a story from the source material and “reset” their timeline. So basically, this is going to make the new X-Men movies like the new Star Trek movies. They will just be a separate timeline with similar characters. My excitement has come and gone for this film, but as the release comes closer my excitement is getting bigger. Any comic book movie fan should be seeing this one.


Edge of Tomorrow:


This one seems interesting. I’m not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, especially as an action star, but the premise is awesome. It’s kind of like Groundhog Day in a war with mech suits. Told you it was awesome. Also, I like Emily Blunt. The only thing I wish is that it kept the original title, “All You Need Is Kill.” Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense grammatically, but it sounds sweet. I plan on seeing this around release time.


22 Jump Street:


The first one was a reboot/reimagining of the original television show, and it was a surprise hit. Jonah Hill and Channing “the talent” Tatum have an undeniable chemistry. Let’s just hope they are able to bring the laughs into the sequel, and less weird subplot about Hill’s character falling in love with a high school girl. I mean seriously, wasn’t he supposed to be in his late 20‘s/early 30’s in that movie? Either way, I have faith this movie will be more of a Anchorman 2, and less of a Hangover 2 (as in it will be good and not bad).


Transformers 4: Age of Extinction:


Yeah I know, another blockbuster action movie. Seriously though, you can’t resist a mindless Michael Bay movie. Yeah, the story and characters are left to be desired, but the effects look pretty and its fun to watch them. So yeah, I’ll be seeing this when it comes out and I suggest you all do too.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:


I love Gary Oldman. I love Andy Serkis. I love Planet of the Apes. These feelings result in an undeniable want, nay a need to see this movie. The first one, which is a reboot (isn’t it always kind of weird when they make a sequel to a reboot?) was a surprisingly great movie. This one looks like it may even be better, with the humans trying to resist the disease that is killing them off, and we all know will eventually kill them all off. What is most interesting to me is seeing Andy Serkis work, and also how the Apes get to where they are in the original Planet of the Apes.


Wish I Was Here:

I’ve been following this Zach Braff project since the kickstarter. Getting occasional updates via e-mail for being a backer, I’ve been able to see a fair amount of behind the scenes action. It looks like it will end up being a great film and I can’t wait to see it. Braff’s past work has been nothing but good, with Garden State being a great writing/directing debut for him. It’s been around a decade since we’ve been treated to that, so it’s about time we got another Braff ran project. Keep an eye out for this one, who knows how limited the release will end up being.


Guardians of the Galaxy:


While everyone is scratching their heads wondering who the Guardians of the Galaxy are, I’m screaming like a little girl with joy they are actually getting their own movie. Of course I’ve known for a while, but seeing the trailer made it real. Groot will be on the big screen along side Rocket Raccoon. I know this all sounds like nonsense to most of you reading, but trust me, you will no doubt love it. Chris Pratt is the perfect pick for the lead of Peter Quill/Star Lord, and I can’t stress that enough. This will be a project that the Marvel Cinematic Universe team will be able to pull off, especially with James Gunn in the drivers seat.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:


Remember when it was just “Ninja Turtles”, and like they were aliens or something? I’m glad they changed it back. I really had no emotions for this movie other than “oh they’re making it” for quite a while. Suddenly, after seeing the second and most recent trailer a thought occurred to me. I want to see this movie. It may be being produced by explosion extraordinaire, Michael Bay, and directed by the man who brought us the killer that is the tooth fairy, Jonathan Liebesman, but for some reason I still hold hope.


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For:


The first Sin City was a visual masterpiece. Making a second one in the same style is enough for me to want to see it. Also, they have a lot of stories to pick from with the Graphic Novel series as a source text. Lets hope this one fairs better than the unwarranted 300 sequel.


And there’s the list of movies I’m excited for this summer. Of course, I see a lot of movies so this may be an overwhelming list to most, and I’m certain I’ll end up seeing more than this. Keep an eye out for the ones I mentioned, and hopefully you read one that peaked your interest. Enjoy the summer folks. I’ll be back in the fall with my summer recap.



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