What Flavor Of Shaved Ice Are You?

Written by Madeline Kohlberg. Media by Katie Wallace.


Nick's Shaved Ice
Graphic by Katie Wallace

Have you ever been to Nick’s Shaved Ice, down by IGA?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out.  With spring coming into full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to head outside and enjoy the warm weather, even if you do have to dodge the raindrops.  Shaved ice is a delicious treat for the season, but it’s ever so hard to decide what flavor to get.  But the Papyrus is here to help you begin to make the decision!  Just answer these five questions to learn your true desire of flavor!

  1. What is your favorite color?
    1. Violet
    2. Jade
    3. Chartreuse
    4. Coffee
  2. Where would you prefer to go for the summer?
    1. Lakeside
    2. Beach
    3. Hiking out West
    4. Road trip!
  3. What activity do you enjoy most at the beach?
    1. Sunbathing
    2. Swimming
    3. Building a sandcastle
    4. People watching
  4. What is your favorite flavor?
    1. Sweet
    2. Sour
    3. Tart
    4. Combining flavors
  5. Your friends describe you as:
    1. Good-natured
    2. Fun
    3. Special
    4. Unique


Mostly A’s – Strawberry

You are caring and loving, very loyal to your friends.  You’re the one everyone enjoys hanging around with for a great time, a regular sweetheart!

Mostly B’s – Lemon

You’re tart with a lot of zest, and you love adding a little zing to your circles.  You go well with people who are sweet.

Mostly C’s – Pomegranate

You love being different and unique.  You make a lasting impression on everyone around you, and your inside personality is tangy and fun.

Mostly D’s – Root Beer

You’re sweet and sugary, and you enjoy a bit of excitement in your life.  Your tastes are simple but pleasurable, and you love having a great time.

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